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Apparently, One In Eight Men Think They Can Win A Point In A Game Of Tennis Against Serena Williams And LMAOOO

According to UK company YouGov, a global public opinion and data company which specializes in polling and sampling, 12% of men from Great Britain believe they could win a point in a game of tennis against Serena Williams.

Yes, the Serena Williams, winner of 23 grand slam singles titles and arguably the best athlete to have ever lived.

YouGov questioned 1732 men on July 12, noting that “results are weighted to be representative of the GB population.” For the record, only 3% of women said they’d be able to do the same.

Naturally, Twitter was left in tears. Partly because we should all, one day, be so lucky as to have the confidence of 12% of men, and partly because it is a known fact that zero percent of non-professionals could even return a Serena serve—let alone take a point off her.

In fact, this poll should kickstart a reality show where men who are confident in their ability to beat a professional woman at her own game are forced to do so, in front of all their family and friends. I’d certainly tune in.

Lest y’all forgot: At this year’s Wimbledon, Serena hit a 122-mph serve and returned a 138-mph serve. Try your luck, fellas!!!

To underscore the insanity of these poll results, Alexis Ohanian—cofounder of Reddit and husband of Serena—wrote: “Classic Dunning-Kruger effect mixed with sexism. Not even 1 million people (men and women) play tennis twice a month in the UK,” alongside a link citing the statistics. “And with 66 million people in the UK, that means 1.5% of the entire UK can even serve the ball in play…at best.”

Though Twitter mayor/darling Chrissy Teigen offers a pretty compelling point as well:

In conclusion, my former point: ESPN, kindly make this a pay-per-view event and take all of my money.