14 Times Self-Proclaimed ‘Nice Guys’ Were Actually Totally Horrible

It’s amazing how often men who consider themselves “nice guys” are actually complete jerks. Like the men who tell women to smile because they’re just “trying to be nice” but who call that same woman a “b*tch” when she chooses not to. Or the “nice guy” who gets led on by a woman simply returning his dang text. How about the “nice guy” who thinks he “finishes last” because he’s just so nice, but anyone can see he’s a misogynist pig?

Here are 14 examples of these self-proclaimed “nice guys” showing just how lovely and gracious they aren’t.

1. Like this guy showing a woman just how “right” he’d treat her.

Yup, she’s probably really bummed she missed her chance. Darnit!

2. Or Zach from Bumble, who managed to muster a whole lot of anger over nothing.

Maybe don’t start your wooing with “that’s the problem with women today.” Just a tip.

3. This lovely gentleman, who is definitely not “your average f*ckboy.”

Nope, nothing “average” about him—he’s definitely gone above and beyond.

4. This “nice guy” who was nice enough to accept free rides to work.

Love when a guy expresses interest in a woman and then decides she’s a “cocky” “b*tch” when she says no.

5. This self-proclaimed “nice guy” who asked someone out, then called them worthless and used the c-word all within one convo. That’s gotta be some kind of trifecta.

This man needs to be put in a time-out.

6. This charming fellow who doesn’t seem to understand how friendship works.

So nice of him to “put up with” a woman he wants to sleep with.

7. This “pretty great” guy who’s just looking for a side girl. Y’know.

I think the woman he’s trying to cheat on just might consider him an a**hole if she knew.

8. This dude who doesn’t understand why any “whores” would want to date a guy so “nice” and “intellectual.”

Yup, it’s his brain that’s the problem. But I doubt it’s that he’s too smart.

9. This guy who thinks a woman returning his text is leading him on.

God forbid she ever answer a phone, who even knows who she’d be leading on then.

10. This super-nice guy who “calls everyone babe.”

Oh no, now you’ve hurt his feelings, b*tch.

11. This fun guy who doesn’t understand why someone might not want to be called a “gorgeous sunflower.”


12. Snapchat dude here who thought he should get a medal for complimenting someone.

Really loving that last “Hello?”

13. This guy who was sent an unsolicited dick pic because he was trying to be nice.

“I’m a little intoxicated but I thought you might like it.” Umm, no.

14. And finally, this legit stalker who’s so nice he should have the cops called on him.

What a nice guy! Way to ignore a woman’s boundaries and hurdle right on into terrifying.

h/t: BuzzFeed

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.