15 Farmers Who “Chicken-Shamed” Their Chickens

Most of us city slickers probably think chickens are harmless. They are flightless, plump, and silly-looking, and they end up on our dinner plates more than any other fowl–how much trouble could they be?

lot of trouble. As any farmer knows, a docile-seeming chicken is capable of wreaking untold havoc upon the barn yard. And lately these farmers have been “shaming” their chickens for their crimes, just like dog and cat owners have shamed their pets. Chickens are notorious for a variety of misdeeds, from menacing other animals to destroying furniture to straight-up refusing to provide eggs.

Originally collected by Bored Panda, these photos will finally make you respect the humble chicken. And if not, they’ll just peck your eyes out.

1. The Alpha Chicken

Photo Credit: mrreilly_and_friends

2. Gertrude The Ripper

Photo Credit: whereistortuga

3. Uneggceptable

Photo Credit: Aberhallo

4. Partners In Crime

Photo Credit: badviking71

5. The Ringleader

Photo Credit: geowoman

6. The Ambusher

Photo Credit: power_farms

7. The Clinger

Photo Credit: kaleidoscopemeadows

8. The Malingerer

Photo Credit: chickensrun

9. Knocked Up

Photo Credit: johnmjames78

10. This Chicken Feeds…On Blood

Photo Credit: contentinacottagerosemarybeck