19 Pure, Wholesome Things Because The World Isn’t Always So Bad

With so many problems and so much negativity in the world it’s often hard to see the light. But it’s there, both in individual acts of kindness, and in positive social change that seemed like it might never come.

There are accounts of heroism or incredible generosity towards those in need, but it’s often the small personal stories that connect with us the most and remind us that there are endless reasons to keep going. They may even inspire us to be better ourselves.

Here’s a list of some downright wholesome things that prove things aren’t so bad after all.

1. This kid who brought his whole class to his adoption hearing.

2. These fresh-baked cuties.

3. This guy who found his long-lost video game buddy after years.

4. “A neighbor I’ve never even spoken to saw that I was home alone all day on Thanksgiving and brought me this.”

5. This dick joke that saved lives.

6. This hero who crocheted a huge bag of hats for a local shelter.

7. This thoughtful, health-conscious janitor.

8. These stubborn beaus.

9. This little bro’s note for his big brother who suffers from depression.

10. These 160,000 New Yorkers who had their marijuana convictions expunged under a new law.

New York Times

11. This plumber who provides free heating services to get the poor and elderly through the winter.

12. This guy who gave out free dad hugs at Pride for people whose parents rejected them for being gay.

13. This police officer who tied a man with a broken arm’s shoelace.

14. This snack pack for overworked delivery people.

15. This thoughtful burrito man.

16. This grandpa who saved his entire village by painting it and making it a tourist attraction.


17. These teens who saved their 90-year-old neighbor from a fire.

18. These good Samaritans.

19. This gift for the ages.