1950s TV Clip With A Con Man Named Trump Scamming A Town To Build A Border Wall Is Straight-Up Eerie

In an all-too-poignant instance of life imitating art, a clip from a 1958 episode of old western series Trackdown sees a con man named Trump convincing an entire town that the world will end unless they let him build a border wall. Seriously.

In the episode, titled “The End of the World,” Walter Trump tries to sell the town of Talpa a “wall,” though on the show this wall is meant to protect the world against meteor showers rather than migrants.

If this hasn’t been on-the-nose enough for you already, just watch the clip in its entirety:

The fictitious Trump, portrayed by actor Lawrence Dobkin, draws eerie parallels to the real one. The dialogue in the clip, for instance, is nearly identical in intent to the rhetoric we read and hear from the president daily— although far more loquacious.

“There’s got to be some way to stop him,” says ranger Hoby Gilman.

“Well if there is, I don’t know it,” replies the Sheriff.

Hirsch followed up with a second tweet for the haters and doubters: Snopes fact-checked the clip, verifying its validity.

At one point, Trump, “the high priest of fraud,” delivers a soapbox sermon to the gathered citizens of the town. “I am the only one! Just me! I can build a wall around your homes that nothing will penetrate,” he says.

In the episode, Walter Trump gets arrested, his attempt to con the townspeople foiled by the ranger. This has yet to happen in real life, though we have some thoughts on who’d play the real-life version of Ranger Gilman…

As the clip began to circulate, more and more people voiced their utter shock at the parallels.

Many a Black Mirror/’Bandersnatch’/simulation were made. Understandably.

Watch the full episode below: