23 Memes Of Sad Trump Watching Putin Bro Hug Saudi Prince

People look for a ray of light wherever they can in these dark times and we were provided just that courtesy of the G-20 economic summit in Argentina where a lot of Very Important People In Suits are currently gathered, probably to discuss whether the rest of us get to eat next year.

Amidst all the elbow-rubbing there was a remarkable moment when Russian Prime Minister and Sith Lord Vladimir Putin greeted his Saudi counterpart Prince Mohammed bin Salman, aka “MBS,” like a beloved frat brother he hadn’t seen all summer break, slapping him with a high five capped off by a fun little smile and lean back reminiscent of Will Smith’s greeting to DJ Jazzy Jeff in the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

You can almost hear them say “Pshhhhh!” afterwards.

This was enough to light the fires of the internet forge and send red hot memes and jokes tumbling forth.




A second wave of memes was unleashed when observers noticed President Trump looking sadly on as the two rulers greeted each other.


What was going through his mind? Was he jealous that he might never become a “real” dictator like this friends with the ability to murder critical journalists on a whim as both Putin and MBS are accused of doing?


Was he jealous of the dark-hearted bromance apparently brewing between the two strongmen and feeling suddenly like a third wheel even after he said all those nice things about Vlad and totally let MBS slide on the whole Jamal Khashoggi thing?

Maybe he was just staring blankly into space dreaming of his next five Big Macs. It’s impossible to know.


Naturally “Mean Girls” references were made.