30-Year-Old Gets Slammed For Demanding Free Rent After Parents Kick Him Out

A 30-year-old man has taken “MILLENNIALS ARE THE WORST!” to a whole new level by demanding that his Facebook friends provide him with rent-free accommodation, rides to work if he ever gets a job, cooked meals, free marijuana, and more after his parents finally had enough of his crap and kicked him out.

The post was shared on the Reddit sub r/ChoosingBeggars and hoo boy, does it ever belong there. The guy who wrote it starts off by saying that his parents had finally gotten sick of their son’s freeloading and told him to either get a job by the end of the month or find somewhere else to live. He didn’t get a job at the few places he decided he felt like working at, so he was going another route: looking for a handout from someone else.

free rent man facebook

Tagging 32 others, the man explained that he chose to single out those individuals because he believes their house or apartment “is a perfect fit” or he believes the person’s “wealth is well lived and deserves to be shared.” Ooookay…

He then launches into the things he’ll be looking for people to provide him for free, starting with a bedroom with private bathroom, high-speed WiFi (“at least 250mpbs”), local food delivery options, sound-proofing, and more.

free rent man facebook

In addition, he expects the person who is insane enough to house him to be “gracious on rent if required,” but he makes it clear that he will only pay rent after “2-6 months” and only if the property owner gives him free weed, cooks his meals “3-7 days a week” and gives him a ride to work every single day.

free rent man facebook

Oh, and he won’t pay more than $400 a month unless you live in the downtown area, in which case he’ll bump it to a generous $450.

He may not have a job, any prospects, or even any common sense, but he believes he can offer you something better in lieu of cold hard cash and being a valuable member of society: he’ll educate you on racism, fat shaming, the LGBTQ+ community, “and more!”

free rent man facebook

He’ll even let you see his emotional support cat, Ze Starfire (so you’ll have a cat crapping everywhere in your house that he’s living in rent-free too).

free rent man facebook

Perhaps unsurprisingly, people were NOT impressed, and he was pretty immediately called out by, well, everyone on the thread.

“So I need to pay for your streaming services? And your meals? And drive you to work? My 2 kids are less demanding than this,” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “My favorite part: ‘…as you all already know I’m very good at giving advice for any situation.’ So what’s her [sic] advice on getting a job, taking responsibility for oneself, and growing up?”

Others were just hoping it was all fake, with one user writing, “This can’t be real. Please tell me it’s an over the top parody of millennials.”

Let’s hope for all our sakes that it is fake because this is truly something else.