31-Year-Old Creep Tries To Defend Flirting With Teens And The Whole Internet Is Like ‘Nah, Man’

It’s not very difficult to stroll through life without being branded as a creep. Avoid staring into people’s windows, touching yourself on public transportation, and asking strangers if you can have their sweaty workout socks when they’re done with them.

Oh, and definitely don’t hit on teenage girls who have abundantly made it clear that they don’t want to talk you. That’s a pretty obvious no-no, right?


One 31-year-old man somehow wasn’t convinced that his unwanted interaction with a group of teenage girls was creepy, so he turned to Reddit to try and find some vindication.

Right off the bat it’s a little unsettling that the dude feels he can just stroll on over to a group of girls up to twelve years younger just minding their own birthday business. Who does he think he is, Leonardo DiCaprio?


Very brave of him to “stand his ground” against these young women and his friend who all agreed he should go the hell away. But, it gets even more cringe-inducing.

Louder for the people in the back: It’s weird for someone his age to hit on them, especially when they make it obvious they’re uncomfortable.


Listen to your buddy, dude.

Yes, you were wrong, and yes, you were creepy.

So, that was a lot to take in. It’s incredible to think that someone could be this blind to obvious signs from a group of young women who do not want anything more to do with you, not to mention your own friend trying to get you to leave as well.

The Internet also came through to make it abundantly clear that what he did was wrong and he should feel bad about it.

For being creepy, not taking a hint, and arguing about it to women who asked you to leave. You’re upset about being called a predator but don’t seem to care that your inappropriate behavior made a group of women in public feel uncomfortable. – wicked_nix

YTA… the fact that both the girls AND your friend easily recognized that it was creepy to hit on her should tell you that it wasn’t ok – reptilianfool

YTA you’re 31 hitting on a 19 year old, and you can’t confirm how old the other girls were (probably around 17, 18, & 19). That’s very creepy and you made them uncomfortable and then didn’t take a hint then got mad when they had to be mean to you for you to go away and you still didn’t go away. This is predatory behavior and I’m not really sure what you thought was gonna happen. – freethebh

YTA and will be the central character to the story that all of those girls will tell their friends when talking about the creepy guy who wouldn’t leave them alone at the birthday party. Their reaction was relative to their age, so you can’t really be salty about them mocking you in the way that they did. – pepsinz

YTA you’re the type of guy that makes my skin crawl at bars etc. I don’t wanna go out for my birthday and have men who are 10+ years older hit on me. you should’ve just walked away – ahah123ash

And, just when you think it was all said and done, the actual birthday girl gave her side of the events:

“F**k outta here” indeed. Flawlessly executed.