Woman Shares Abusive Texts Sent By Ex-Husband To Show The Dangers Of Controlling Relationships

No one plans to get into an abusive relationship, but abusers are often charming and manipulative, only revealing their true selves after months or even years together. Imgur user Krissy Kross shared her own experience on the site, supplementing her story with a series of abusive texts sent to her now ex-husband throughout their relationship.

Krissy’s husband, known only as “Adam,” is seen sending her paranoid messages asking where she is, who she’s with, and what she’s doing even when he knew she was at work and unable to use her phone when not on break.

domestic abuse texts

Those messages soon escalated to forcing her to take custom photos to prove her whereabouts (which he still refused to believe) and accusing her of cheating on him— before calling her an animal and telling her never to return to the state of Washington, where they lived together for a time.

domestic abuse texts

It’s clear from some of the messages that the abuse Krissy suffered from Adam wasn’t just emotional and mental but physical too. There are references made to a bruise on her arm, apparently inflicted by Adam, who instructed her not to tell her mother what truly happened. Krissy says he began sexually assaulting her, waiting outside of her workplace for her, and even refusing to tell her whether or not he had a gun on him while they were together.

In the end, Krissy was able to find the strength to leave Adam when he hurt their dog and cat. She escaped while he was at work and reported him to the police, though he only received an eight-month sentence. However, that was three years ago and Krissy thankfully hasn’t seen him since.

domestic abuse texts

Krissy said that their relationship wasn’t all bad, and in fact Adam was a “kind, loving man” when they first got together. It was only when Krissy lost roughly 80 pounds and got a job that his behavior began to change.

“I wanted to go out with two (female) coworkers for my 23rd birthday. I told him weeks in advance and when the time came he punched me in the face and slammed my head into the floor, only leaving me alone because he had duty that evening,” she recalled.

domestic abuse texts

“I tried to go to the police in the middle of the night, he tailgated me the whole way. I tried to talk to his parents and they told me it was normal in a young marriage and I should reassure him. His father is a pastor in Tennessee and holds this belief.”

Thankfully, Krissy’s life has drastically improved since ending the relationship and she’s happier than she’s ever been before.

domestic abuse texts

“I have my own place, a decent job, my pets are doing very well,” she wrote. “My credit is s**t from the divorce but really, I’m in decent company in that.”

She added that she’s not looking for sympathy but instead wants to celebrate her achievements and also encourage others who might find themselves in a similar position.

domestic abuse texts

“This isn’t really a sob story; I’m really proud of what I’ve done on my own. I just wanted to share for possibly some closure since I never really got that. Strangers on the Internet are better than keeping it inside for so long.”