ACE Hardware Is Charging More For ‘Female’ Versions Of Identical Products And Twitter Is Pissed

Recently online, there has been a lot of talk about the pink tax. For those who don’t know, the pink tax is a form of gender discrimination against products targeted towards women. The reason they call it a “pink tax” is because the majority of the products that are affected are, indeed, pink.
Many people have spoken out about manufacturers and stores who implement the pink tax–including women’s razor brands and lotions. But, now it seems that the pink tax has trickled all the way down to local hardware stores–including ACE Hardware.

Twitter user Tom McDermott shared a photo from an ACE Hardware store of two identical “hotel personal care kits.” One was targeted towards men–in blue. The other was targeted towards women–in pink. Both of the kits have the same exact products inside, however, the only difference is the color of the packaging. For some reason, the men’s kit is being sold for $7.59, while the women’s is being sold for $9.99. That’s $2.40 more for the women’s kit. The only difference? The women’s kit is pink.

Obviously, this is ridiculous. If you look closely at Tom’s photo, the two kits contain the exact same products and the same amount of each product. The pink kit does not contain any “feminine products” or anything that would warrant a higher price. Literally, the only difference between these two products is the color.

After Tom shared the photo, Twitter was pretty pissed off to see that companies were actually taxing women’s products (which aren’t even women’s products, because it’s the same exact f**king product, just pink).

While we’re unsure which ACE Hardware store Tom took this in, his Twitter profile indicates that he lives in Minneapolis, MN. If you happen to be in the area, go into your local ACE Hardware and take a look. Then, let the manager or owner know that this is outrageous and you will not stand for this.

The only way to bring forth any form of change is to stand up and speak out, y’all.