Mommy Blogger Promises To Sue Schools That Teach Sex Ed Because It ‘Rapes Children’s Minds’

Elizabeth Johnston— the homeschooling, Bible-thumping Christian mother of ten who goes by ‘Activist Mommy’— has organized an anti-comprehensive sex education protest across the country.

Johnston, whose Facebook page has over half a million followers, encourages parents to keep their kids home from school on April 23 for a “Sex Ed Sit-Out.” Her reasoning is that LGBT and sexual health groups are “sneaking into schools” to “rape the minds of children” with what she claims to be “controversial, gender-bending, and graphic sex education and anti-bullying programs.”

Activist Mommy seems to believe comprehensive sex ed means kids literally sodomize one another during class. In an interview with CBN News, Johnston said:

“Kids are being taught how to perform anal and oral sex on one another, during class time, at taxpayer expense. We are fed up. Enough is enough. We’re not going to let these social Marxists sexualize our children at taxpayer expense during school hours.”

Johnston— whose went viral last year after she set a copy of Teen Vogue on fire for publishing an article about anal sex — is now planning to sue public schools that teach comprehensive sex ed classes for violating “obscenity laws.” She explained on “The Focal Point” radio show last week:

“What they are teaching in the schools is obscenity, and we have good obscenity laws in this country, we just don’t have leadership enforcing those obscenity laws.”


She also maintains that if people can  march for gun control, they can march against sex education too (though she neglected to explain the correlation.)

“This is a sit out everyone can support and that we should be supporting. If you are not a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth leftist liberal who wants to pervert the minds of children, everyone should be able to support supporting this sit out.”

“We’re the tax payers, we’re the parents, you don’t know our children, and you’re not allowed to rape the minds of our children with this pornographic material.”

As noted by Newsweek, a 2017 study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health once again proves that advocating abstinence, monogamy and heterosexual marriages does not reduce teen pregnancy rates or protect teenagers from STIs. Furthermore, these programs “have little demonstrated efficacy in helping adolescents to delay intercourse,” write the authors, meaning that leaving kids without the proper knowledge of sex and its dangers is not only ineffective, it is also unethical.

Johnston’s Sex Ed Sit Out event has 52 confirmed attending at the time of writing.

h/t Newsweek| CBN News