40+ Tattoos With Stories So Incredible You’ll Start Asking People About Their Ink

There are undoubtedly countless of picture lists documenting tattoo fails on the Internet. I still can’t say the word ‘regret’ without saying it as ‘ragret.’ And, seeing as I only have dumb tattoos, I can’t really even hate (and I dont!) That being said, did you know there are people out there who actually get tattoos that mean something, too? What a concept!

Although, I’ll be frank. You may be in tears by the time you read the meanings behind all of this ink:

1. “My first tattoo had to be a sentimental one, my moms favorite saying to me in her hand writing!”


2. This supportive husband got his tattoo to support his wife’s fight with depression:


3. “Got my first tattoo today. The big brick is to represent my big brother who died one day shy of his 40th birthday this year, in his favorite color, and the little one (hugging the larger one) represents me, in my favorite color. We always built LEGO together.”


4. “A reminder that everything is going to be ok.”

I have a “forget-me-not” flower tattooed above my self-harm scarring (that is barely visible now) on my arm. I got it when I overcame my depression. Those flowers used to grow around my great-grandma’s house where I spent most of my childhood – it’s a reminder of happiness and good times. It’s there so I don’t forget that life is not as bad as it sometimes seems to be.

5. This woman got a tattoo in memory of her father who had passed away:


6. No caption necessary:

7. “I got this 3 days after my 18th birthday, It’s my grandfather who died when I was 7 holding up the world in his WWII uniform.”


8. “My mum passed away a few months ago, yesterday I got my first tattoo…She used to leave us little post it notes, and yesterday, I got it copied out.”


9. This father got a tattoo of a cochlear ear implant to match his daughter:


10. “My fat unicorn because I am fat, beautiful and fabulously unique…and probably imaginary.”