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Popular Pickup Artist Arrested And Put On The Sex Offender’s List For Harassing Women

Pickup artist, or PUA, Adnan Ahmed calls himself Addy A-game. His claim to fame was secretly filming himself and dozens of women he approached across Glasgow and Lanarkshire. The BBC has been following and reporting on Ahmed for a while, drawing attention to a network of like-minded dudes who want to pressure or coerce women into sex and share their techniques for doing so online.

Self-styled pickup artists have been around a long time, but it seems like what they do is finally being labeled as what it is: harassment.


Last month, Ahmen was convicted of threatening and abusive behavior towards five different women, and the BBC reports that he has been placed on the sex offenders registry for 10 years and will be serving two years in jail. YouTube has also removed hundreds of his videos and deactivated the two channels he runs under the name Addy A-Game, plus another group called highlighted by the BBC called Street Attraction, which also tries to capitalize on online interest in “pickup” techniques.

Rita Bruce is one of the first women to bring Ahmed’s behavior to light, and she spoke after his sentencing:

“I’m really pleased that even the judge recognized that Adnan Ahmed was and would potentially be a further danger to women,” said Bruce. “I think it’s really important the judge commended the women, his victims, who came forward and stood up in court. It must’ve been horrendous for them. All people in authority, whether it is colleges, universities, police whatever, must take women seriously when they are brave enough to come forward.”

While Ahmed presented himself as a lifestyle coach, the testimony painted a very different picture. According to the Evening Times, a number of women testified about being followed and confronted by Ahmed, and further harassed on social media. Two of the girls he approached were only 16 and 17. One woman said he attempted to force a kiss on her. He was found guilty of five charges of threatening and abusive behavior in the Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Lindsay Wood thanked the victims for coming forward described Ahmed’s behavior as “disrespectful and contemptuous,” saying his criminal record shows a man who is “cavalier and self-centered.”

Ahmed has been in custody for nine months, which will count towards a two-year jail sentence. As he was led away, his fiancée sobbed. Yes. The guy is engaged.