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Woman Who Claims She Cured Her Adult Acne Posts Video To Disprove Skeptics

Adult acne is terrible for a lot of reasons, but one of the bigs ones is definitely that we don’t think of acne as an adult problem. Adult problems are bills, taxes, and back pain, not breakouts. Unfortunately, our skin doesn’t always know that we’re out of high school. It does what it wants.

Skincare has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few years. Some people have basically trained themselves to be amateur dermatologists, layering products in perfect harmony. Still, this transformation from YA author Leda Muir is astounding.

The 25-year-old shared pictures from when she was 21, and now, four years later. In that time her skin has completely changed from pretty serious breakouts to smooth sailing. It’s wild:

She basically attributes the change to Lush products and an acne medication called minocycline. Is this a secret ad for Lush? She says no, but maybe they should hire her because she’s doing amazing PR for them:

Muir’s post got really big and a bunch of other people shared how they have also managed to beat back adult acne with careful face product management. It seems to be pretty inspiring for a lot of people struggling with acne because it makes something that feels impossible become possible!

The comments seem to be almost overwhelmingly positive, but I guess Muir was getting some detractors in the replies. She says that people were calling her a liar and saying she was wearing makeup in the after photos. Even if that were true, I’d still be impressed—that would be an amazing makeup job!

But Muir would not let this defamation stand. She posted a video showing hat her skin is bonafide smooth as a baby’s bottom, by washing the crap out of her face on camera:

Never question Muir again. She can make acne disappear. You don’t want to know what she can do to you.