This Woman’s Mission To Be Reunited With Her Fallen AirPod Is Freaking Inspiring

Some of us have not yet renounced classic headphones that link us to our devices by outdated wires, like some sort of robot. Wireless AirPods, however, become more common every day, despite the fact that they have one extremely obvious design flaw: how unbelievably easy they are to lose.

Twitter user Ashley Mayer discovered that when she dropped one of hers into the subway tracks and that should have been the end of it.

Mayer was going to let her AirPod go gently into that good night, but when she returned to the same platform, she saw it was still there! Pizza Rat had not grabbed it and run off to enjoy a Silent Disco night under the Williamsburg bridge!

Mayer promised her followers that she would not jump into the train tracks, but she WOULD rescue her little friend. She headed to the grocery store for supplies.

She duct-taped the bottom of a broom to make it sticky, waiting for the crowded platform to empty after the train passed and then perfectly executed her mission:

She thoroughly disinfected it, charged it up, and discovered the AirPod still works perfectly:

A lot of people are pretty horrified that Mayer put the AirPod back in her ear. Most people would not want to put something that touched the floor of a subway track to be inserted into any part of their body. It is full of rats and sewage—on the other hand, podcasts.

Mayer seems to have no regrets, and she’s enjoying the attention she’s getting for her clever rescue mission. She even got her story on Good Morning America:

Meanwhile, Twitter is wondering if there’s some way to avoid anything like this ever happening in future:

We gotta put some of Apple’s greatest minds on this.