“He Likes To Help Me Peel Bananas”—Mom Says Husband Is Convinced 1-Year-Old Son Is “Showing Signs” Of Being Gay

Reddit spouses are truly a different species. One woman posted on Reddit’s relationship subreddit asking for advice because her husband is convinced their one-year-old son is gay, based on his normal infant likes and dislikes.

The woman posted numerous examples of things her baby son likes that her husband thinks makes him gay, including rainbows, bananas, and books.

The woman said whenever her husband brings up their son’s sexuality she disagrees with him, and her patience is wearing thin. “I’ve also told him little kids don’t even have a sexuality yet,” OP writes. “Our son is just over a year old. He’s barely walking and talking! And besides you never can be certain what a kid will grow up to be. There are no definite ‘signs’.”

OP said her husband has never shown signs of being homophobic before, but she is worried that her husband won’t truly accept their son if he is gay, or that her husband might even be gay himself.

The responses on both Reddit and Twitter were strongly “anti-husband.” Many thought it was weird he thought his son’s actions were sexual in any way. “Why is he even putting sexuality and your baby together in his thoughts?” one Reddit user questioned. “That is messed up. Maybe he has some deeper issues going on.”

Many readers thought the husband was homophobic, and has just been good about hiding it until this point. And many others recommended therapy to get to the root of the issue and ensure OP’s son is raised in a loving and accepting way.