Woman Gets Petty But Effective Revenge On Homophobic MIL With Botched Christmas Pictures

Revenge is a dish best served cold, which is probably why so many people try to distribute it around the holidays. Revenge is now a winter tradition. While this should be a time of peace and love, difficult family relationships don’t always make that possible. If you must battle creepy uncles and overbearing mothers-in-law, at least do it in as hilariously petty a way as Redditor u/thestkeek did. She posted her story on the subreddit r/AmItheA**hole after experiencing momentary qualms over her behavior. Commenters quickly assured her she was doing everything right.

The OP writes she recently married another woman named Lia, who is bisexual. She says she gets the feeling that Lia’s mom wishes she’d never come out and had ended up married to a man.

At Christmas, the MIL decided it was time to take “family pictures,” but she didn’t include the OP, saying she wasn’t part of “just the family.” Though Lia protested, the OP decided she didn’t want to start an argument and just offered to work the camera.

It should be noted that Lia’s sister’s husband and her cousin and his wife were considered appropriate for the family pictures. The OP couldn’t resist taking some revenge on this double-standard.

I was kind of annoyed and decided to not take the best ones… Just on purpose, focused the camera on the furniture rather than people, snapped pictures zoomed in awkwardly close, used unflattering flash, didn’t hold my hands steady so they were blurry, took pictures on purpose when someone was looking away or coughing or something.

Anyway I took like 30 pictures and they ranged from bad to horrible. And I gave the camera back and said that I hope they find a nice one to frame in there.

After everything, Lia was angry on my behalf, said her mom had no right to treat me like that and I didn’t have to say “it’s ok” when it was totally rude. And I just started laughing and told her what I’d done. We snuck down to the dining room later that night and she lost it laughing at the pictures I’d taken. She even deleted some of the more decent ones.

We’re still waiting for her mom to plug her camera into the computer and see the pictures. We’re planning on saying I tried my best but didn’t know how to use a dslr camera if anyone says something.

So what felt like an exclusionary event became a fun bonding experience for the OP and her wife. And commenters definitely don’t think she was being an a**hole.

“This is a coping mechanism for dealing with crazy,” wrote raptors_6_· “You are family and should have been in the photos. You took a wildly negative experience and turned it into laughter. You may have channeled some higher frequencies. YAY! Sending you merriment.”

And anyone who does think the bad photos were kind of an a**hole move also thinks it was justified, like Ceelalo, who said “ESH” or “everyone sucks here.”

“ESH buuuut honestly I would do it too,” they wrote. We all would. Merry Christmas to the beautiful couple!