Alex Jones Is Getting Roasted For Saying Liberals Are Going To Start A Civil War On July 4th

Alex Jones really loves to embarrass himself. When he’s not getting sued by the families of mass shootings or for sexually harassing his staff, he’s having some sort of meltdown, and he always gets roasted for it. This time he’s (once again) promising (another) civil war started by those violent liberals.

Alex Jones has decided that on July 4th, 2018, liberals are going to launch a new civil war against… someone. Republicans I guess?

His tweet included a Periscope video in which he claims there’s some sort of conspiracy amongst “establishment” media organs and “globalists” to foment insurrection and use the ensuing crisis to remove Trump from office somehow? It’s a little unclear! His evidence includes Michael Moore making some vague promises to protest the Trump administration, which Jones seems to have mistaken for military orders to an invisible liberal militia.

Jones’ rant also includes a bizarre monologue about how wealthy and great Russia is, with Jones favorably citing the Russia propaganda outlet RT. Jones casts Trump and Russia as bulwarks against the creeping globalism being pushed by shadowy figures, but it’s the liberals who are inciting rebellion and starting wars.

After accusing these “globalist elite” of wanting to shut down InfoWars, Jones uses this to launch into his pitch about how it’s important to keep funding them. He then announces that he’ll be having a “2nd American Revolution Fourth Of July Super Sale” to sell his fake male supplement to all the ignorant rubes stupid enough to believe the guy promising a second revolution is also concerned about a coming civil war provoked by liberals.

News of the coming liberal civil war seems to have caught many liberals by surprise, but that didn’t stop them from mocking the hell out of it:

But some people were skeptical Democrats could actually pull it off:

And some people just used it to roast Jones for what really matters:

Others had heard this tune before, when Alex Jones promised liberals were starting a civil war in November.

And some had some real concerns that Jones’ whole schtick of stoking fear and rage to sell sh*tty vitamins could actually have some consequences (you know, other than Trump winning office):