Alex Jones Is Laughed Out Of Austin Restaurant After Trading Insults With Diners

Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones recently surfaced at a restaurant in Austin, Texas, where he was promptly laughed out after trading insults with a half-dozen other patrons.


Footage sent to EchoplexMedia and posted by the Houston Chronicle shows Jones standing in the middle of a Lucy’s Fried Chicken, calling diners “fat libtards,” slobs, wimps, cowards, idiots, and traitors.

“C’mon!” he goaded one particular diner. “Big man, aren’t you?”

“You’re not an American,” he yells. “You’re a slob.”

Jones tells a different story on his website. He explains that he and his wife had gone out for a second dinner after eating a first a local steakhouse with MMA commentator Joe Rogan.

“We’ve been going for many years,” he says. “It’s a great place.”

He then detailed how he and his wife had sat down at a table when several people approached him, told him to “eat sh—t,” and threatened, “we’re going to get you.”

“They baited me like a matador does with a bull,” he explained, justifying the lengthy list of offenses tossed at the Lucy’s diners.

“Go listen to your NPR and all your other bulls—t,” Jones yells. “America and the world is awake to anti-free speech scum like you and bullies like you.” He is heard yelling at a patron to shut their “fat libtard mouth” before shouting, “You guys are all pissed because you got extra chromosomes!”

“Aww, snowflake,” someone off-screen yells back.

“You’ve all got an instinct not to breed,” Jones yells, slowly making his way outside. “Your body rebels against you. None of you have kids.”

“We’ve got three of them!” replies one of the hecklers.

In the video Jones shared to his site, diners can be heard shouting, “This is class war. Eat the rich and feed the poor.”

Jones is currently being sued for defamation by the parents of children murdered in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting. His constant claims that the mass shooting was a hoax led to the targeted harassment of dozens of grieving parents over the course of the last seven years.

Jeremy Richman, father to one of the murdered children and one of the plaintiffs suing Jones ended his life in a Newtown town hall on March 25.

As Huffington News points out, Alex Jones “has lost much of his audience since he was removed from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as well as podcast hosts Spotify and Apple’s iTunes earlier this year,” and “the crowd of hecklers in the restaurant may well be one of his biggest audiences in months.”

It’s nice to know that it also happened to be a hostile one.

h/t Huffington Post