Alex Jones Just Embarrassed Himself Trying To Ambush Bernie Sanders In An Airport

Conspiracy theorist and all-around batsh*t insane person Alex Jones accosted Bernie Sanders in LAX recently and caught the entire embarrassing (for him) thing on tape:

“Well if it isn’t old Bernie Sanders,” Jones says approaching the Vermont Senator.

“Dude. No. Not Right now,” senior Sanders advisor Ari Rabin-Havt exasperatedly sighs, positioning himself in between his boss and the camera before telling a confused Sanders who his harasser was, “This is Alex Jones.”

Jones was trying to make some point about… it’s actually unclear what he was trying to do, he mostly just rambles about Venezuela, communism, first class flights, and his own experience chasing Karl Rove.

Apologize to the Sandy Hook families, Alex,” Rabin-Havt says admonishing him for his bizarre crusade convincing others that the Sandy Hook mass shooting was a hoax. Jones is currently being sued by families of the survivors of the Sandy Hook massacre for defamation.

Jones claimed the crowd was on his side in an earlier tweet, but you will be SHOCKED to learn that actually the opposite was true:

A mysterious stranger stepped in to keep the pressure on Jones, attacking the unhinged host for his vile smears targeting the families of survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting.You deny Sandy Hook and you’re giving him a hard time?” he says as Jones feebly attempts to claim “Hillary Clinton edited the tapes.”

Rather than “running” as Alex Jones characterized it, Sanders shuffled off to his flight unharmed.

h/t: Mediaite