Alex Morgan’s Tea-Sipping Celebration Sparked A Meme Revolution On Twitter

America is looking pretty bad right now, what with our nightmare president and his clown car of democracy-destroying henchmen. Morale is low. It might be good if patriotism finally dies, but before it does, let’s come together as a country and enjoy some soccer. Specifically, let’s enjoy the U.S. Women’s National Team. They are kicking absolute a** during this year’s Women’s World Cup. They’re advancing to their third World Cup final after beating England 2-1, Someecards reports.

That might seem like a close win, but it speaks to the long rivalry between the U.K. and the U.S. It’s always a close call, but we do beat them. Soccer star Alex Morgan made reference to this conflict at the goal line when she jokingly pretended to take a sip of tea after the U.S. team’s win:

Everyone is loving this call back to a simpler time when we just threw tea in the harbor in place of political discourse—back before Facebook ruined all our uncles.

Morgan’s tea rebellion immediately got meme’d, as people rushed to show off what they still remember from 7th grade social studies:

Morgan also appealed to the Internet’s propensity for calling everything from gossip to shade “tea.” Obviously, Kermit the frog and his tea meme got dragged into it:

As far as burns go, this one is hot, but mild, just like tea. It still ruffled some feathers, specifically the grungy, old feathers of Piers Morgan. He may share a last name with Alex Morgan, but he did not appreciate her “taking the piss” out of merry ole England:

I guess he would know? Piers Morgan has been taking swipes at the U.S. Women’s team, specifically at Megan Rapinoe, an incredible player who deserves every ounce of arrogance she possesses:

Rapinoe’s arms stayed up, because all she does is win, win, win no matter what. And no one is choosing Piers over Alex:

Other folks are also criticizing Alex Morgan, saying she was being “distasteful” in her celebration. Well, here’s what America has to say to that:

Thanks for making Twitter slightly more focused on politics from 200 years ago instead of today!