12 Times Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Brutally Owned Her Republican Haters

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is so much more than the newly-elected Congresswoman for New York’s 14th congressional district.

She is a symbol of hope and change, and a voice for people who had previously been denied their seat at the table. By defeating incumbent Congressman Joe Crowley in what was deemed the biggest upset victory in the 2018 midterm elections, she proved that as white and male as our government is, a Bronx-born woman of color could still disrupt the status quo.

When she was elected on November 6, many (Republican) folks became very upset. They’ve been crying about it ever since.

1. When right-wing author Eddie Scarry criticized her fashion choices:


Scarry ended up shamefully deleting the tweet and backpedaling with a new one after Ocasio-Cortez replied with:


The Congresswoman ended by calling out the entire right-wing media establishment as ultimately misogynist and racist, before retweeting a fairly solid Seinfeld joke.


2. When she slammed Fox News for mocking her financial situation:

Just after she was elected Congresswoman, Ocasio-Cortez told the New York Times that she was going to have a difficult time finding an apartment in expensive Washington, D.C. until her January 2019 Congressional salary kicks in.

In response, Fox News mocked Ocasio-Cortez for struggling to afford Washington’s average rent.

The anchors mispronounced the Congresswoman’s name, suggested that she was “playing to her base” while questioning her “working class” status, and accused her of buying “multi-thousand dollar outfits” in photoshoots with the media.

Ocasio-Cortez replied:

3. When she schooled The Daily Caller, a conservative publication founded by Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson:

This past summer, The Daily Caller posted an op-ed titled “Socialist Darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Called For Tax Cuts When She Was Running A Business, Now Wants To Raise Taxes To Fund Her Radical Agenda.” Besides boasting a woefully tedious headline, the article attempts to expose Ocasio-Cortez as some sort of conservative fraud by suggesting she is a hypocrite who changes political stance out of convenience.

So she used it as a Econ 101 teaching moment:

4. When she fired back at conservative pundit John Cardillo after he posted a picture of her childhood home:

“This is the Yorktown Heights (very nice area) home @Ocasio2018 grew up in before going off to Ivy League Brown University. A far cry from the Bronx hood upbringing she’s selling,” Cardillo wrote in early July, in a misguided attempt at delegitimizing Ocasio-Cortez’ message and platform.

Ocasio-Cortez clapped back:

5. When she responded to a debate request from right wing troll Ben Shapiro:

Ocasio-Cortez shut down Shapiro’s debate request last August, which consisted of a video posted to his Twitter account offering her campaign $10,000. Ocasio-Cortez, who has literally zero responsibility to answer to anybody but the citizens of her district, replied by calling out Shapiro’s bad intentions.

Shapiro’s response was predictable, as were the echoes of his followers. What else could one expect from the former editor-at-large of Breitbart News?

6. When she retweeted Vice correspondent Roberto Ferdman:

Some context: Donald Trump ass-kisser and senator Lindsey Graham tried to roast Ocasio-Cortez for comparing the Trump administration’s treatment of South American migrants to Nazi Germany’s treatment of Jews. The Auschwitz Museum chimed in. And Ocasio-Cortez retweeted.

She followed it up with a reference to a “joke” Graham had made last month that if he took a DNA test, it would probably show that he was “Iranian” and “that’d be, like, terrible.”