Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Destroys MAGA Nerd Who Criticized Her Clothes

Republicans have been desperately trying to bring down Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez since her surprise victory in a New York Democratic congressional primary over the party favorite. But every time they come at her, she swats them away like the annoying gnats they are. First, they bizarrely accused her of hypocrisy because she… grew up in a house. Then they insisted she debate right-wing twerp Ben Shapiro, who she dismissed like the attention-craving troll he is. Now they’re mad at her for participating in a photo shoot.

Charlie Kirk, co-founder of the billionaire-backed Turning Point USA likes to tweet out lazy bumper-sticker quality “arguments” for his hooting fan base of aging Republicans to drool over, like this one about Trump’s Supreme Court pick:

This might be a pretty compelling case if you’ve got a piece of iron rebar lodged in your skull, but for anyone who takes a second to think it’s very, very dumb. Obviously, someone can push for policies that limit women’s rights AND ALSO employ women. Even women can push for policies that limit women’s rights!

Kirk leads a right-wing organization tasked with making the GOP’s stale ideas seem more popular with young people than they are. That’s why he likes to criticize people on the left who are actually popular with young people, like rising Democratic Socialist star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Apparently thinking he was landing a devastating blow, Kirk attacked Ocasio-Cortez for daring to wear expensive clothing during a magazine photoshoot:

Unfortunately for him, AOC isn’t the drooling rube he’s used to engaging with and she handed his ass to him with panache:

Don’t come at the queen! The photoshoot in question was for Interview magazine, and AOC looks like the boss she is:

Of course, Kirk’s tweet isn’t meant for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or any Democrat or Independent. They’re for his fans, and his fans don’t require any kind of intellectual rigor or substance in their arguments, just flimsy attacks on the people they don’t like. Anything, really, that helps them dismiss or delegitimize the opposition so they don’t have to engage with their policies, which are quite popular, even according to them.

It’s representative of the rest of the Republican Party, who can’t seem to defend Trump’s disastrous policies or behavior without resorting to saying things like “What about Hillary Clinton?” or “What about kneeling NFL players?” That’s why, unfortunately, Kirk truly represents the future of the GOP.