Beauty Influencer Defends Hard ‘Hybrid’ Job Against ‘Influencer Slander’ But No One’s Buying It

With over 5.8 million followers, Amra Olević Reyes, more popularly known by her Instagram handle amrezy, spoke out this week against what she described as “influencer slander” and people are not really feeling what she has to say.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Reyes claimed that the only people who have a problem with influencer culture are those who weren’t good enough to make it in the industry. She also claims that being an influencer is a “hybrid” job that consists of many responsibilities that not everyone could keep up with.

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“The only people that discredit influencers are those that tried it and didn’t succeed. Don’t throw stones now just cause you didn’t pop,” she wrote.

“An influencer is a hybrid of many jobs. A stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, photographer, editor, creative director. And y’all still saying it isn’t legitimate? FOH lol. Not many can do it & stay consistent. Ion wanna hear no influencer slander again.”

While there were a few people who agreed with Reyes, many voiced frustrations with what they felt was a “privileged” response to valid criticisms about influencer culture and noted the lack of respect people who have been trained and licensed in these positions are given in comparison to Insta-famous personalities.

“All the respect fr but people go to school to get licensed for hairdressing so be proud without slapping your name on our careers unless you’re licensed yourself,” one user responded.

Another blogger added, “Never get these tweets. You could break any job into different components (‘hair stylist’? we all have to do our hair whether an influencer or not!). As someone who blogs myself, I never get why were so desperate to prove how hard we have it! It’s hard but many have it harder.”

However, Reyes insisted that influencers deserve just as much as people in conventional employment, telling Buzzfeed News that many of her peers “started from the bottom” and had to climb the ladder without help.

“Being that most influencers started from the bottom, and had to work their way up with no connections, [it’s] far from privileged,” she said. “Although it may seem like we have it easy, there was years of struggle that took to even get noticed.”

“Influencers are the new age. We have a huge impact on the market especially. Brands know that, and the general public should as well.”

Sorry, amrezy, I’m not convinced—and considering how often influencers are rightfully being called out, I don’t think most people are.