Anderson Cooper Totally Stunned After GOP Strategist Claims He’s ‘Never’ Heard Trump Lie

We’ve all heard the president tell a lie — untruths have practically become a part of his personal identity at this point. However, one GOP strategist seems to believe that has never heard Trump tell a lie. (A claim which left interviewer Anderson Cooper at a loss for words.)

During a recent installment of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°, former Trump campaign strategist David Urban spoke with Cooper about the president’s tendency to bend/entirely disregard the truth. Urban was adamant that the Trump had never lied to him, or to the American people.

“The president’s never lied to me and I don’t think the president’s lied to the American people” Urban insisted.

“I think the president is prone to hyperbole, yes, absolutely. Do I think he’s purposefully misleading the American people? No, I don’t.”

Cooper was stunned into silence for a few solid moments.

“Wow. Wow. Okay,” responded Cooper. “I am not sure I believe … that’s what you really believe … Factually, he has said things which are not true, and which he obviously knows are not true.”

Cooper brought up the recent Washington Post article about Trump reportedly telling over 3,000 lies in 466 days to prove his point. (According to such estimations, the president tells the public a lie roughly 6.5 times per day.)

“You’re saying you’ve never heard the president say something which is demonstrably false and he knew was false?” Cooper needled.

Urban simply chuckled: “You’re asking me my opinion.”