Ann Coulter Has Meltdown Over Inevitable Failure Of Border Wall

Ann Coulter is a professional vendor of poisonous opinions and lies. As such, she loved Donald Trump…until she didn’t. ‘

The president’s capitulation in his showdown with the Democrats over funding for his proposed border wall sent Coulter into a fury and she has lobbed insults Trump’s way ever since, calling him “the biggest wimp” to ever hold the office of president.

Their falling out has been both public and glorious and when it was announced that Trump would declare a national emergency in order to attempt to get his wall funded, Coulter was unimpressed, saying the goal of such a move would merely be “to scam the stupidest people in his base.”

(Note: Ann recently called herself “very stupid” for supporting Trump in the first place.)

Coulter expounded on that burn, saying that she considers the national emergency move to be smoke and mirrors and an admission of failure from Trump.

In his press conference on Friday, in which he announced that he would declare a national emergency in a last-ditch effort to get his wall money, Trump shot back when asked about Coulter by reporters, saying “I hardly know her” of one of his most prominent former supporters, and saying Coulter was “off the reservation.”

Coulter was quick to respond.

Observers have watched the Coulter/Trump beef boil over with a mixture of shock and glee.

As some noted, Ann Coulter is somewhat of an expert on scamming stupid people.

While any move Coulter makes is inevitably a cynical repositioning designed to sell more of her inflammatory books, some found it surreal to be agreement with her on Trump.

h/t: Newsweek