Ann Coulter Goes Full Alex Jones, Smears Migrant Children As ‘Crisis Actors’

Ann Coulter went full Alex Jones on Sunday when she asserted that the multiple images of children crying at the border after having been separated from their families are actually fabricated photos of child actors.

The conservator commentator also mentioned on Fox News’ The Next Revolution that she is worried about the president’s tv-watching habits. Coulter knows Trump gets the vast majority of his news from the television, and she’s afraid the powerful images of weeping children will soften his current zero-tolerance policy on immigration.

She need not worry, considering the only TV show Donald Trump watches is Fox & Friends and he has no heart to soften.

“These child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks 24/7 right now, do not fall for it Mr. President,” Coulter warned Trump as she stared directly into the camera. “I get very nervous about the president getting his news from TV.”

The irony of her own statement was apparently lost on Coulter, who then went on to wrongly source a New Yorker article as proof. “A New Yorker article — the New Yorker is not a conservative publication — they describe how these kids, these kids are being coached. They’re given scripts to read by liberals, according to the New Yorker. Don’t fall for the actor children.”

It is unclear what New Yorker article Coulter refers to here. Searches containing the words “immigrant children,” “coach,” and “script” produce no results.

Coulter’s charge is the latest in a disturbing trend that sees Fox News and the GOP generally adopting far-right conspiracy theory politics as fact. Outlets such as InfoWars and Breitbart still maintain survivors of the Parkland school shooting are “crisis actors” while falsely (and ironically) reporting that the teens are Nazis.

The immigration problem continues to pick up steam and outrage as more news outlets confirm the horrifying conditions children are subjected to after being torn from their parents’ arms — including toddlers being kept in cages, siblings not being allowed to hug one another, and, most recently, a Texas sheriff’s deputy sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl.

To make matters more nauseating, Donald Trump’s eldest, Donald Trump Jr., liked a tweet posted by Brietbart on Monday morning that quoted Coulter’s “actor children” diatribe.

In the meantime, Donald Trump’s administration insists that Democrats are responsible for the zero-tolerance immigration policy while in the same breath claiming that no such policy actually exists.

A bill introduced by Senate Democrats earlier this month as well as a House bill released by Republicans would end the separation of immigrant families. Or, Donald Trump could end it all by himself with zero input from Congress.

Twitter wondered about that New Yorker article Coulter irresponsibly mentioned.


A viral photograph taken last week in the Rio Grande Valley shows a two-year-old girl crying as her mother is vetted by border patrol agents. Many are calling it the visual epitome of the heartache and inhumanity of Donald Trump’s immigration policy.


Subsequent images show the toddler’s mother pulling her shoestrings out of the baby’s shoes, presumably to prevent the child from going full method actor and ending her life.

If these kids are acting they should all be immediately naturalized with a “genius” visa for their extraordinary talent.