Twitter Is Applauding This Mom’s Note To Ann Coulter At A Restaurant

Ann “Migrant Kids Are Crisis Actors” Coulter is widely known for her uncompromising stance on immigration and Trump’s proposed border wall.

She was furious when the president opted to end the government shutdown rather than holding out until his border-wall demands were satisfied, seeing it as a capitulation to pressure from Democrats rather than ending the misery of hundreds of thousands of federal employees who had been furloughed or working without pay.

One mom wasn’t afraid to give Coulter her two cents on the matter when she spotted the conservative pundit dining out at a restaurant.

“My mom realized Ann Coulter was at the same restaurant, so she sent her a note with Mexican tequila,” wrote Rebecca Barber, alongside screenshots of her mom’s Facebook post, a photo of Coulter with an unnamed dining companion, and the note her mom wrote. “I come from good people.”

Her note reads:

“Dear Ms. Coulter, with all due respect, people who dine at The Palm should not be manipulating a moron president to put decent, hard-working government workers on furlough, with no pay, all in the name of an ineffective wall that will add to the federal debt.”

“Look, I was able to express myself without saying ‘F** you! I just won a bet. Salud!”

The mom clap back was instantly applauded by Twitter.

Though there were plenty of questions about Coulter’s dining companion.

Only one question remains: Did Coulter take the shot?