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Woman Absolutely Trounces Anti-Abortion Republican By Comparing A Fetus To A Shrimp

Lawmakers in Alabama have voted to effectively ban abortion in the state in what is the U.S.’ most restrictive abortion legislation (so far). The legislation makes it illegal for doctors to perform the procedure, punishable by up to 99 years in prison.

In Georgia, abortions are basically illegal after six weeks. Many women have no idea they’re even pregnant until after six weeks. That’s actually the earliest that the fetal heartbeat can be detected.

The Republicans’ goal, of course, is to overturn Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case legalizing abortion. We’re well on our way to the U.S. turning into an actual Handmaid’s Tale situation.

In response to Georgia’s “heartbeat bill,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that “6 weeks pregnant” could equal just “2 weeks late on your period.”

And in response, conservative commentator and pundit Liz Wheeler sent a picture of a fetus (with absolutely no size scale) and wrote “This is ‘two weeks late on your period.’ Two weeks late has arms & legs forming, fingers & toes, & a heartbeat!”

But Wheeler was promptly shut down by a woman going by Emily M on Twitter (@emilynm41) who replied to Wheeler with some cold hard science facts.

People on Twitter loved Emily’s response (except for the right-wing trolls who showed up in her mentions to explain…who knows what).

The exchange was also posted in the subreddit “Murdered By Words.”




The restriction of women’s reproductive rights is terrifying and abhorrent. Even if abortions are illegal, women will still get them, only they’ll be putting themselves in danger. And it’s not like the Republicans seem particularly interested in providing any financial support that it would make it easier for some of these women to raise their kids. These are our bodies, the choice should be ours, too.

h/t: Twitter: @emilynm41, Reddit, CNN


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Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.