Here Are The Best Pics From The Anti-Trump White House Protests

Nearly two weeks have passed since demonstrators set up shop outside of the White House in protest of Donald Trump’s controversial trip to Helsinki. Activists show no sign of stopping.

Anti-Trump protesters launched the “Occupy Lafayette Park” outside the White House (which they have nicknamed the “Kremlin Annex”) on July 16 — the day Donald Trump returned from his Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The movement as a “response to Donald Trump’s total capitulation to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki Summit.”

More than 4,000 activists raised over $100,000 towards the movement on, a site launched by protest organizer and former Hillary Clinton adviser Adam Parkhomenko.

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The funds are set to go towards the nightly protests outside of the White House, including the hiring of a Russian translator so that “Trump and the White House understand what protestors are saying,” commissioning Trump balloons a la London’s  “Trump Baby” blimp, and buying a more powerful sound system, Parkhomento on Monday told People.

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According to Parkhomento, the most common contributions were $20.18 and $17.76.

People showed up to protest despite the rain:

There were even protestors within the White House supporting those outside of it:

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As is often the case with such gatherings, many good signs were made:

Some made light-up signs, so that Trump could see their sentiments even after the sun went down:

Others got a little more creative. Like when ten dancing sharks danced around in front of the White House, symbolizing how Mueller is circling in on Trump:

Or when and anti-treason T-Rex showed up:

At one point there was even an 18-member mariachi band playing outside of the White House:

Actress Alyssa Milano and Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti spoke to the protestors outside of the White House on July 17:

Then, several days ago, the Lafayette Park protestors shouted “Lock Him Up!” as POTUS and FLOTUS arrived at the White House.

It also appears as though Rosie O’Donnell will be showing up on August 6th.

If you want to participate in the protests but are physically unable to, have no fear! Use the form in the tweet below to add your name to the list of anti-Trump activists, and make sure to donate money to those camped outside the White House to this GoFundMe page or