Anti-Vaxxers Are Now Telling People How To Avoid Mandatory Vaccines, And It’s Pretty Nuts

Most employers in the healthcare industry require all staff to be fully vaccinated against everything possible, for reasons that are self-explanatory. These same reasons are what mark anti-vaxxers as not only willfully ignorant, but completely apathetic to the fact that they are capable of passing any variety of illnesses to those with weak immune systems or medical conditions which make vaccination impossible.

Ignited largely by a now-retracted and scientifically flawed study claiming tenuous links between the MMR and autism, and fueled by celebrities (Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Alicia Silverstone, to name a few) and probably Russian bots, aversion to immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases is on the rise.

Anti-vaxxers do not care if they spread death and disease, their obstinate unwillingness to believe science a culmination of everything wrong in the world. What’s scarier is that there are anti-vaxxers who want to enter the medical field…and they started a Facebook group in which they share loopholes and tips on how to do so unvaccinated.

This person paid for a flu shot they never received as ‘evidence’ for their employer:

This horrific human being requested advice on how to reconcile his student physician wife’s refusal to get vaccinated with the school’s zero-exemption policy:

The tips that rolled in included the receipt stunt mentioned above:

The community isn’t just limited to vaccination advice. One user wanted to know how to avoid testing for tuberculosis

“How toxic is a TB test?” Probably not as toxic as tuberculosis.

“I will lie, cheat, and bulls**t anything for my children’s health or my own.”

Perhaps scariest of all are working doctors who are seeking advice on how to trick the hospital into thinking they’d gotten a flu shot:


“They wanna be ilegal – 2 can play at that” writes one user, suggesting hospitals mandating staff to get vaccinated is against the law:

Horrifying that these anti-vaxxers are doing their best to hide their lack of immunizations to employers and patients. “They can’t make me disclose my vaccination status to my patients. I let them know they don’t want the lawsuit involved with breaching my privacy,” writes one RN.

It’s horrifying, and it’s more common than one might think.

If you reacted strongly to what you read, know that you are not alone. Many Facebook users sounded off in the comments section:

h/t BoredPanda