Anti-Vaxx Mom Obliterated By Former Friend Of 15 Years In Viral Post

If there’s one thing anti-vaxxers love, it’s the internet. After all, that’s where they get all their weird false information and memes. But in a post in the subReddit “insanepeoplefacebook,” one anti-vaxx mom threatened to leave the internet and actually the entire planet. Her complaint? “Vaccine censorship” and “talk of mandatory vaccines.”

The screengrab of the Facebook conversation shows that one woman named Emma has written, “Welp. it’s time to move to another planet. this vaccine censorship and talk of mandatory vaccines is getting uncomfortably intense.”


The post seems to have 12 likes on it (almost certainly from other anti-vaxxers on the site), but the response from someone who claims to have been friends with the original poster is absolutely scathing.

It reads,

“Emma, we’ve been friends for 15 years. Or at least I thought we were, until I realized that the last time you were in Portland you attempted to bring your unvaccinated children to meet up with me and my infant daughter who was too young to be vaccinated at the time without informing me that you were exposing my child to diseases any responsible parent would have vaccinated their of-age children against. At best, it was thoughtless and irresponsible. More to the point, it was selfish, reckless, and put the life of my only child in danger. It’s one thing to spread your unfounded conspiracy theories, but the type of misinformation you share under the guise of journalism is reprehensible and dangerous. Since you are unable to determine the difference in credibility between a health blog and peer-reviewed fact-based science, it would indeed be best for everyone if you found another planet and moved there.”

Holy moly, Emma is absolutely going to need to go to the burn unit after that. If she believes in medicine at all, that is.

The Reddit commenters applauded the woman who responded to Emma. Andof course, there were a lot of jokes about burns.


Someone in the comments shared that she’d gone through a terrible situation with an anti-vaxx (former) friend.

What anti-vaxxers don’t seem to understand or maybe just don’t care about is the fact that their refusal to vaccinate their own kids can have dire consequences for other kids who truly can’t get vaccinated due to autoimmune disorders.

It truly might be a better planet if they did all pack up and leave. Let’s just never visit whatever planet they end up inhabiting.

h/t Reddit


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.