Anti-Vaxx Wife Of Trump Aide Gets Roasted For Idiotic Pro-Measles Tweet

Warning: You might want to do a crossword puzzle after reading this because you’re about to become slightly dumber through exposure.

Darla Shine is the wife of Bill Shine, a former Fox executive who left the company in disgrace only to wind up as White House deputy chief of staff for communications in the Trump administration.

While Bill appears to have a talent for failing up, Darla Shine appears to be a unique talent as well, staking out a bold pro-measles stance on Twitter.

In a tweet in which she scoffed at reports of recent measles outbreaks in multiple states, Shine claimed that the existence of Baby Boomers proves that measles is no biggie, even urging for the nostalgic return of such quaint old illnesses. (To be clear, according to Wikipedia, measles causes more deaths worldwide than any other vaccine-preventable disease.)

Shine even affixed a VERY catchy hashtag, saying:

“Bring back our #ChildhoodDiseases they keep you healthy & fight cancer”.

Errrrrrrrrrrr. Better make it the New York Times crossword.

Parents and other humans with functional, non-diseased brains took some issue with Shine’s bold pro-childhood illness agenda.

Why only measles? Let’s bring back all those fanciful diseases of yore!

While people simply clowned on Shine for being a big dummy, some expressed serious concern that someone with these views was so closely connected to the White house.

h/t: Wikipedia