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Anti-Vaxx Woman Dresses Up As The Measles Because It’s ‘The Least Scary Thing,’ Gets Schooled By Medical Professional

The subreddit r/Insanepeoplefacebook really pops off this time of year, as all the crazy people you’re friends with or friends of friends with start posting their Halloween costumes. Halloween can be a fun, inventive holiday and it can also plumb the depths of human depravity. You never know what you’re gonna get. Reddit user u/darkizzle documented a prime example of the latter when they shared this screenshot of a Facebook post under the title, “A monster, with or without the dots.”

The image shows a blonde woman covered in tiny red dots, who captioned her picture, “Was trying to think of the least scary thing I could be for Halloween…so I became the measles.”

If you can’t tell from that, this woman is an anti-vaxxer.

Below the woman’s photo is a long response form someone who is supposedly a medical professional, inviting her to check out the people suffering from measles encephalitis and viral sepsis, who are in comas, suffering from seizures and burning fevers, and having to submit to invasive and painful procedures to survive.

The woman posted an updated status, according to a screenshot on Imgur, apologizing for seeming to mock babies killed by the measles, saying it wasn’t “Christ-like.” She is not sorry, however, for saying she isn’t scared of measles, citing a statistic that far fewer people die of the measles than strep throat. Yeah, that’s because there’s a vaccine? And it’s a much more serious disease, when there was no vaccine you better believe the measles was killing a lot more people than strep throat!

But reasoning with these people feels like a real uphill battle. That might be why most folks who have a problem with anti-vaxxers are resorting to outright mockery.

A woman named Autumn Dayss posted a picture of her costume on Friday, to mixed results. Dayss looks like a regular woman, but she has a baby skeleton strapped to her body in a baby carrier. Her caption for it reads, “Going to a costume party tonight as Karen and her non-vaccinated child.”

My last minute Halloween idea lol

Posted by Autumn Dayss on Friday, October 25, 2019

Dayss’ post has over 11,000 comments and 124,000 shares. Seems like a lot of people are frustrated by the folks who aren’t scared of measles or their kids dying from preventable illness.

Some of the comments are suggesting that Dayss is going too far—she’s mocking dead kids! But it’s more accurate to say she’s mocking their parents, who refuse to listen to medical professionals and end up putting their children in danger.

The vaccine debate probably won’t be resolved via Halloween costumes, but it probably makes parties more interesting.