Anti-Vaxxer Gets Shut Down For Saying Black Plague Disappeared Without Vaccines

An anti-vaxxer is getting dunked on hard on Twitter for what is quite possibly the worst anti-vaxx take to date. Some goober named Calder took to the very public social media platform to tweet out this actual sentence: “The black plague disappeared without a vaccine, just saying…”

The tweet was tagged #antivax, just to make extra sure that everyone saw exactly how ignorant Calder is.

The tweet went buried for a time but is gaining attention after Entertainment Weekly correspondent Dana Schwarts responded to it by pointing out that the black plague killed an entire third of the European population before it “disappeared.”

If anything, this stands as a dire warning about the state of education in the U.S. How someone can get through school without knowing that the black plague killed a ridiculous amount of people is a question that every politician who wants to cut funding from public education and/or is against raising teacher salaries should be sweating over in their sleep.

But it’s not just that. For starters, the black plague did not “disappear.” It’s still around and it emerges every now and again to scare the crap out of everyone. And also kill some people. In fact, there is an active plague outbreak along the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo going on right now. The reason it’s not as much of a threat anymore is largely due to medical advances that include vaccines. Yes, there is a vaccine for the plague. You can send a thank you to your local CDC for the fact that no one you know has ever died from the black death.

You can also get the plague in the U.S. Don’t touch dead rodents unless you’re a professional, please.

Calder later claimed the post to be “satire,” but given how absolutely ridiculous anti-vaxxers are, it’s impossible to tell if he’s really just a troll or is backpeddling out of shame. Either way, he screwed up, especially since you know there are real anti-vaxxers out there who saw this and were like “hey, that’s a great point!”

If Calder was looking for heat, he certainly got it:

I hope all the notifications and hundreds of people hating you was worth it, man.