Anti-Vaxxer Claiming Vaccines Are Dangerous Because ‘Science’ Gets Shut Down By A Neuroscientist

As the United States prepares to possibly lose its measles elimination status due to ongoing measles outbreaks in New York, misinformed idiots continue to spew anti-vaxx rhetoric on social media—even to medical professionals.

The latest blow-up occurred on Twitter and somehow invoked actress Lisa Bonet—herself an anti-vaxx activist. It started with a post by @traemurray, who is also an anti-vaxx activist. Here’s the post:

“A kid cries as he holds a goodbye note his classmates wrote in goodbye as he is kicked out of school in #NewYork by the #bigoted and ignorant #democratparty lawmakes bought of by #BigPharma, who repealed religious exceptions – This is straight up hate & discrimination.”

It sucks that this boy has to leave school because his parents are ignorant and don’t care about the health of other children in their community who might have autoimmune conditions or are unvaccinated because they are still too young. Luckily, lots of folks understood that.

But it doesn’t end there. A doctor re-tweeted the post with the caption “so long lil Polio,” and breathed new energy into the apparently never-ending conversation.

— dr. animoji avi (@such_A_frknlady) September 25, 2019

In a now-deleted Tweet, a Twitter user then proceeded to explain “science” (I don’t know what she’s talking about) to the doctor, who has a Ph.D. in cognitive systems neuroscience with concentrations in infectious diseases and psychopharmacology. So clearly, OP is out of her element.


But she doesn’t stop! She then invokes…actress Lisa Bonet?

Folks, please stop taking medical advice from people who are not doctors. And vaccinate your kids!