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Don’t Worry, AOC And Elizabeth Warren Were Disappointed By The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Too

Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sat down for a little Game Of Thrones banter and discussed their feelings on the controversial ending to the long-running hit show.

Like many die-hard fans of the fantasy epic the two were left feeling vaguely disappointed by the whole affair.

In Warren’s words:

“I was just really…meh.”

And as AOC put it:

“I feel like we were getting so close to having this ending with just women running the world and then he last two episodes it’s like: “Oh, they’re too emotional. The end!”

Warren was also left disappointed that Sansa Stark didn’t show more ambition and claim the throne for herself, rather than remaining content to rule the North, to which AOC added:

“I was disappointed. We need to get some feminist analysis up in HBO.”

While politicians embracing pop culture to display their relatability is, by its nature, always a bit cringey, Warren and Ocasio-Cortez have a good rapport and people were here for it.

In terms of jumping onto a trending topic, and specifically Game Of Thrones, Warren and AOC certainly did a better job than Mitt Romney, who recently compared his dear wife to the Mad Queen.