Republicans Freak Out Because AOC Pays Her Employees A Living Wage

It often seems like politicians are hiding behind vague promises and empty words, so it’s refreshing when they lead by example.

Such was the case on Friday when Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York criticized low Congressional staffer salaries and pledged to pay everyone on her staff a salary of at least $52,000.

AOC explained the pledge in a series of tweets. First she explained that paying people a living wage is a moral imperative.

Then she went on to expound upon the obvious connection between Congressional pay and lobbying. Basically if you pay Congressional staffers more, they’re less likely to go become lobbyists for Big Pharma, or Big Oil, or Big Whale Torture, etc.

As we’ve seen time and time again in her short tenure in Congress, Ocasio-Cortez is so threatening to rich old white guys that they will go to insane lengths to try to knock her down a peg.

They’ve  insulted her, criticized her for dancing, and have even taken to putting up big dumb billboards in Times Square mocking her because they’re apparently out of ideas.

Promising to pay her staff at least 52k should hardly be controversial, so obviously conservatives immediately freaked out.

Since in the conservative mind AOC is a rabid socialist intent on stealing the cookies out of their cupboards, right-wing commentators bizarrely accused her of wasting tax-payer money by paying her staff enough for them to eat food.

Their grasp of how Congressional staffers get paid seemed tenuous at best.

Most people applauded the Congresswoman’s pledge to pay her staff fairly for the important work that they do.