AOC Blasts Super Rich, Calls America’s Income Inequality ‘Dystopian’

Bloomberg recently published a piece of upper-crust lifestyle porn titled “Art on the Superyachts: Beware of Wine Corks and Unruly Children” that, from its title alone, seemed algorithmically designed to please the rich and enrage the rest.

And it did just that.

In a country with the sort of ghastly, yawning wealth disparities of the United States it’s flat out disgusting that the elite classes remain unaffected by the masses struggling outside their gates and instead have 1% problems like, uh, cork damage to their, uhh, priceless paintings on their, UHHHH, superyachts.

This type of cluelessness was basically the bat signal summoning Gotham’s newest hero, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to respond, and respond she did.

AOC blasted the priorities of a society that allows such extreme wealth to exist alongside extreme poverty calling the current state of affairs “dystopian.”

In a reference to Netflix’s “Stranger Things” she said we’re living in “the upside-down”, a horrifying bizarro world in which (in our case) people setting up GoFundMes to pay for their basic medical care is considered normal while common sense social welfare policies are considered “radical.”

Indeed, conservatives hate and fear (and are secretly attracted to) Ocasio-Cortez because she talks about “radical” things like taking money from those who don’t need it and giving it to those who desperately do.

A wacky idea called taxes.

AOC is so vocal and so visible that she’s helped push the conversation about income inequality that Bernie Sanders jumpstarted in 2016 rapidly forward to the point where the majority of leading Democrats are now talking about Medicare for all and a Green New Deal as if they supported such measures all along.

Ocasio-Cortez was far from the only one outraged by the insultingly tone-deaf article about the insultingly wealthy ruling class.

In conclusion: