AOC Fires Back At Conservative Criticism Of Her Serious SOTU Face

Ever eager to find any reason to criticize, conservatives have been buzzing about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s serious face during the nastier parts of Trump’s State of the Union address. Even more moderate conservatives apparently think that the young new congresswoman should only be smiling all the time.

And she’s so much prettier when she smiles, right Peggy?

In classic form, AOC is refusing to bow to sexist norms and hit back at this take by Peggy Noonan, former Special Assistant to Reagan and current right-leaning political commentator.

AOC later told the New York Post that she would not be apologizing for NoSmileGate and suggested that Republicans could go suck a lemon. “They can get used to it because I won’t be smiling for this president anytime soon,” she said.

It also would just be creepy to spend the entire one hour and 20-minute speech sitting there and smiling like a maniac, right?

Conservatives are also conveniently forgetting how often Republicans refused to stand, smile, or clap during many parts of Obama’s State of the Union addresses. Nobody called John Boehner “sullen” for having a frownie face while the former President was speaking.

It’s pretty much to be expected at this point that the party in opposition to the President is not going to be all happy smiles and good times at the State of the Union. In 2018, after Trump literally called Democrats “treasonous” for refusing to stand and clap every time he finished a sentence, Anderson Cooper had to hold a segment showing Republican refusal to clap for Obama at previous SOTUs. “Isn’t this just what happens every time?” Cooper asked analysists. The answer is yes.

At least nobody screamed “you lie” at Trump last night.

Unfortunately, conservatives are already piling on AOC’s straightforward response to make all kinds of tired accusations, but her fans aren’t having it.

They also had some choice words for Peggy.

Next up, conservatives complaining that you can see AOC’s ankles and asking her why she hasn’t had kids yet.