AOC Fires Back At Fox News’ Absurd Claims She Wants To ‘Get Rid Of Children’

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asked a question on Instagram Live over the weekend that caused outrage and contention across the political spectrum: “It is basically a scientific consensus that the lives of our children are going to be very difficult,” she said, referencing the ever-growing threat of climate change and its effects on global health, “and it does lead young people to have a legitimate question: is it OK to still have children?”

Ocasio-Cortez went on to note that we are running out of time to reverse the effects of global warming within the 12-year deadline set by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change last fall.

“We had time when I was born, but — ticktock — nothing got done,” said Ocasio-Cortez. “As the youngest member of Congress, I wish we didn’t have 12 years. It’s our lungs that are going to get choked with wildfire smoke.”

As co-sponsor of the Green New Deal plan, it is clear that AOC is not dissuading people from having children but instead legitimizing the concerns many millennials have about raising them in a world increasingly fraught with environmental catastrophe.

Naturally, Fox News had a different spin on AOC’s comments.

As Twitter user @LisPower1 pointed out, the narrative pushed by network is that AOC wants to get “rid of children”—abiding by the Fox News playbook of lying, radicalizing, and repeating.

In a subsequent tweet, Power attached a clip in which Sean Hannity lambasts Ocasio-Cortez in the most hyperbolized manner imaginable.

The congresswoman replied to Powers’ tweet, writing, “I understand difference of opinion, but dark distortions of position help no one.”

“GOP knows our actual proposals are popular, grounded, + difficult to refute, so instead they invent hysteric kiddie versions to make it easier for themselves,” said AOC, before adding a quip about the Green New Deal.

“I bet most haven’t even read the GND.”

One Twitter user shared direct quotes Ocasio-Cortez’ policy concerning family leave and childcare as evidence that the congresswoman does not, in fact, want to “get rid of children.”

Another wrote, “This is beyond rational thought and Fox News has become the theater of the absurd.”


The network’s utter lack of journalistic integrity did not go unnoticed on Twitter.

The Green New Deal plan aims to radically transform the US economy by 2030 by replacing fossil fuels with 100% green renewable energy while generating 20 million jobs, cutting military spending, and wrestling power from energy corporations back to the people.

h/t Twitter