Bill Nye Surprises AOC At Climate Change Panel, Asks Audience Question

You’ve gotta love Bill Nye.

While he once spent his days educating kids and getting them excited about science through his show Bill Nye the Science Guy, the affable educator now seems to spend all his time patiently trying to convince adults that they should probably listen to scientists about things like the mounting climate crisis that threatens to destroy us all.

And he does it with a smile.

So it’s no surprise that Nye is a big fan of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal initiative, which, among other things, proposes greatly reducing pollution and moving the United States towards 100% renewable sources of energy.

According to Slate Nye surprised Ocasio-Cortez by asking her an audience question during her panel at SXSW.

Nye later tweeted out a selfie of the two together, saying “AOC gets it.”

AOC responded enthusiastically and can be forgiven for perhaps being a little starstruck after meeting the Science Guy himself.

Observers loved seeing the dynamic duo get together.

There were, of course, a few turds in the punch bowl. While AOC has many vocal critics on the right apparently there are people out there who don’t even like Bill Nye.

However most people were onboard with the pairing of two people who want to help save the planet.