AOC Dunks On NRA Video Showing Clip Of Her Dancing Edited To Look ‘Ominous’

The Conservative Political Action Conference—an annual three-day gathering of grassroots conservatives, and what Time‘s Philip Elliott calls “part pep rally [and] part college spring break bash, with a barely detectable undertone of policy prescriptions” is upon us, and this year their boogeyman is, unsurprisingly, none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Washington Post politics editor Dave Weigel pointed out in a tweet how AOC is the Democrat “appearing in CPAC videos and speeches the most by far…more than any 2020 Dem.”

He added that “an Oliver North-narrated NRA video just ended with the footage of her dancing outside her office, with the color drained to make it look more ominous.” (North is the president of the NRA and is notorious for having lied to Congress and the American people over the Iran-Contra affair, having illegally sold arms to Iran and then destroying official documents proving his guilt.)

Ocasio-Cortez saw Weigel’s tweet and replied by referencing that viral Breakfast Club homage dance video from her college days that conservatives attempted—and failed—to smear her with.

“GOP defensively say, ‘we’re not scared of dancing women!’ yet proceed to use footage of me dancing ‘with the color drained to make it look more ominous,'” AOC wrote, quoting the WaPo reporter.

“Spoiler: The GOP *is* scared of dancing women, because they fear the liberation of all identities taught to feel shame.”

Most of the Twitter comments assisted AOC in dunking on the GOP and CPAC by listing off the many things Republicans fear.

Some mentioned that it’s cool how the GOP is inadvertently giving AOC free coverage, and also who cares what Oliver North says, considering his track record?

This meme about sums it up: