AOC Responds After Newspaper Bashes Her For Using A Car

The New York Post is known as much for its conservative leanings as for its pun-laden titles and both were in evidence when the paper recently attacked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her supposed hypocrisy.

In a condescension-dripping article titled “Gas-Guzzling Car Rides Expose AOC’s Green Hypocrisy ECO-TRIP” (oof) the Post claims that AOC is a hypocrite because she both wants to enact policies that will help save the environment and…uses a car.

According to the Post:

Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to save the planet with her Green New Deal, but she keeps tripping over her own giant carbon footprint.

Hur hur hur.

The article goes on to bash AOC for spending money on car services like Uber and Lyft during her Congressional campaign instead of exclusively using the subway and for flying around the country after being elected instead of…taking a series of extremely long train rides…or something.

It’s all very dumb as the Congresswoman duly pointed out.

In fact as criticism goes “YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD AND YET YOU LIVE IN THE WORLD, YOU HYPOCRITE!” is so dumb that AOC gave it a second mention, roasting the Post for their standard of journalism.

Unsurprisingly the online commentariat agreed with Ocasio-Cortez.

The memes flew faster than a gas-guzzling jet and were more satisfying than a solar-assisted electric bill.