AOC Responds To Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Shooting Threat

In other CPAC news that was overshadowed by Trump’s two-hour hate rant, Jerry Falwell Jr. made a not-so-veiled threat on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez while drooling over guns. This was also where Donald Trump Jr. made his gross “#MeToo” joke, but try to ignore him and the revulsion you feel every time he opens his mouth and focus on the other guy with the ill-advised beard.

“My boys always had guns in their hands,” Falwell says. “That’s not something you teach them, that’s something they’re born with.”

Nobody in the history of humanity has ever been born with a gun in their hand, but please, do go on.

“But as far as those cows you mentioned, I’ve got 100 cows, you just let Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez show up at my house and try and take my cows away.”

This, of course, is in reference to the absurd and entirely imaginary idea that the Green New Deal is going to make cows illegal or something. Regardless, in the context of Falwell just coming off talking about how his children were born with Glocks in their hands, this very much sounds like a death threat.

Any rational person knows that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not going to personally show up at Falwell’s house on a horse to rustle away his cows, but as we’ve all learned again and again in this country, rhetoric like this tends to lead to things like white supremacists with massive gun caches making hit lists of people like Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez is here to remind us all that this isn’t actually supposed to be normal.

It looks like Falwell isn’t even going to bother with that, since two hours after Ocasio-Cortez posted the tweet above, Falwell tweeted this:

Sure, invite the woman you basically threatened to shoot for something entirely imaginary to your alleged “school” where the attendees very likely hate her and probably heard you say that she should be shot. What a great idea. Surely Ocasio-Cortez will get right on that.

Meanwhile, her fans are here you remind you about the whole pool boy thing. Remember that?

Others were quick to point out that Falwell’s “Liberty University” is not the bastion of free speech he claims it to be.

But mostly, people seem concerned for Ocasio-Cortez’s safety.

Maybe just stop talking, Jerry. You do have a right to remain silent.