AOC Responds To Conservative Columnist Who Compared Her To Sarah Palin

Every day brings a new dawn and, apparently, a new conservative attack on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The newly elected Congresswoman from New York is making Republicans flip their wigs like rarely before. They seem desperate to destroy her before he even gets started, with her ambitious, progressive proposals like a return to a 70% marginal tax rate and Medicare for all clearly leaving some conservative upper-crusters sweating.

So far AOC’s opponents have dropped the bombshell that she used to be nicknamed “Sandy” and have released a devastating video of her dancing. All of it has only made AOC more prominent and fired her supporters up.

The newest, and possibly dumbest, line of attack came from Washington Post columnist Max Boot who compared AOC to Sarah Palin, one of the most famously ignorant politicians of recent times. Boot called AOC a “talented communicator” but who, like Palin, would have “her lack of knowledge painfully exposed.”

AOC had little doubt that the sudden attack on her competence was a direct response to her call for higher taxes and said as much.

The comparison between Ocasio-Cortez and 2008’s Palin, who seem to have little in common other than being women and new to national politics, was off-base and the response was swift.

At least one supporter thought the daily clapbacks, as satisfying as they are, are becoming a distraction.

But most people appreciated the fire.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore