AOC Roasts GOP Minority Whip For Not Understanding Taxes Until He Needs A Safe Space

In yet another installment of “who are the real snowflakes here,” GOP Minority Whip Steve Scalise implied on Twitter that accounts referencing the time he was shot is not “classy.” This happened after Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez retweeted an inaccurate post by the whip correcting him on basic federal tax policy.

Ever since Ocasio-Cortez suggested that tax rates in the past have been up to 70 percent for top tax brackets (actually, the maximum was 94 percent), Republicans have been trumpeting the panic horn and spreading a lot of false information. Ocasio-Cortez has been trying to correct these lies as best she can, and has become (understandably) perplexed that the top leaders of the country don’t seem to understand how the U.S. tax system works.

In reality, a 70 percent tax rate would only apply to earnings made after a certain amount each year. If the top tax bracket was anything over $10 million, then only the money made after the first $10 million would be taxed at 70 percent. The first $10 million would be taxed at a lower rate. This system of taxing earnings beyond anything any single human family could ever need to be comfortable helped make America the superpower it is today.

However, Republicans have fought for decades to lower these taxes until the top tax rates are barely more than what low-income families pay. Now our infrastructure is crumbling and the U.S. has been classified as an oligarchy.

This is what Ocasio-Cortez has been trying to explain in the face of Republican leadership pretending they don’t know how taxes work. They have mostly ignored her, but in Scalise’s case, he decided to refuse any discussion on Twitter because some people were being mean to him.

For reference, Scalise was one of the victims of the 2017 Congressional baseball shooting. He was shot in the hip and went through months of rehabilitation before returning to Congress in September 2017. James Hodgkinson was the shooter.

While it’s true that referencing a traumatic assault and injury to attack a man isn’t classy, it’s difficult not to think of all the times that right-wingers have mocked those on the left for condemning violent rhetoric, asking that people don’t send them death threats, trying to create safe spaces where people won’t threaten to kill them, etc. Somehow, it doesn’t seem like leftists are the ones who are “fragile snowflakes.”

Scalise was also one of the Republicans who was very offended by Rashida Tlaib saying a swear. And as is common with Republicans, he has tweets that don’t age well.

Rep. Greg Gianforte was the Republican who straight-up body slammed a reporter from The Guardian for asking him questions. At a campaign event, Trump supported this incident of actual real violence and said that it would and did help him win his election in Montana.

“We endorsed Greg really early, but I heard that he had body-slammed a reporter. And he was way up … and I said, ‘Oh, this is terrible, he’s going to lose the election.’ But then I said, ‘Well, wait a minute, I know Montana pretty well, I think it might help him,’ and it did … He’s a great guy and a tough cookie.”

To Scalise, this was “ribbing,” somehow. But random Twitter users (who could be bots or right-wing trolls in disguise, because they do that) referencing an act of violence in their jokes is unacceptable.