AOC Slams ‘Numbers Muncher’ So Hard He Deletes His Tweet

Another day, another slam dunk by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This time it was on someone by the Twitter handle of “NumbersMuncher” who attempted to suggest in a recent tweet that Ocasio-Cortez’s approval numbers were down among “everyone.” As it turns out, that “everyone” was only conservative white men above the age of 34. But who cares about women, people of color, people under 35, and 60 percent of the U.S. population who does not identify as conservative?

This time, AOC hit so hard that the muncher of numbers had to delete his tweet.

It’s almost like we live in a culture where only a single subset of the population is treated like it matters.

Don’t feel too bad for NumbersMuncher, though. He didn’t delete the tweet because he realized he was wrong or that he was engaging in subconscious biases against those who don’t have all the privilege in the world. He deleted and then reposted the same data because, um:

Because everyone said it was unfair to the data? Maybe someone’s biases aren’t as subconscious as Ocasio-Cortez suggested. Especially since he’s still leaving out people of color, which is a huge (and growing) group of Americans. Also, he left out another pretty big and important group, which was *checks notes* all Democrats.

Oh, and by the way, changing your display name to “Currently Being Ratio’d” is not cute, buddy.

NumbersMuncher, who appears to have presented himself as a polling expert, has continued to defend the data but misses the fact that it’s not the data anyone is mad at. No one is surprised that the overall net favorability rating for Ocasio-Cortez has fallen during the time she was elected and has become a vocal proponent of drastic change that has threatened the status quo so hard that the rich and powerful have launched massive attack campaigns against her. That was inevitable. But treating old white men like they’re the only group of people who matter is not inevitable.

The backlash against this guy, however, seems to be inevitable, since he decided to be petty instead of apologizing like an adult.

On the positive side of things, the number of replies to Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet from older white men saying how much they like and support her is enough to get the ol’ heart pumping again.

Even Republicans are getting on board!