This Woman Dissed A Guy For Trying To Take Her To Applebee’s And The Internet’s Like, ‘Seriously?”‘

Setting high standards is important in the dating world. After all, settling for someone who isn’t actually worthy of your time is a trap many of us have fallen into more than once.

But, there’s setting important emotional and maturity standards — and then there’s just being a jerk.

According to Instagram influencer Daphne Ford Sutton, a woman on her timeline recently shared a pretty outlandish dating story. Apparently, the woman turned down a guy simply because he proposed going to Applebee’s for their first date.

On the one hand: I get not loving Applebee’s. I GET IT.

On the other hand: maybe it’s all he can afford, and it seems f**ked up to turn someone down because they aren’t wealthy??

Sutton responded to the (strange) brag with pure fire and brimstone.

And she’s not the only one. The Reddit community was rolling their eyes at what they saw as a totally unnecessary flex — not to mention a really rude reason for turning someone down.

Although some people definitely saw Applebee’s on the first date as a legitimate deal-breaker.

But … what if it was all just a test??

Bottom line: while it’s great to hold your paramours to certain standards (i.e., fidelity), maybe chill when it comes to making people feel like trash for not having enough money.

Otherwise, Reddit will come for you, and that’s a fate I wouldn’t wish on anybody.