Vegan Tells Girl That Eating Tofu Is ‘Appropriation’ Of Vegan Culture

Everyone on the Internet loves hating on vegans. I think that’s unfortunate, because a lot of vegan and vegetarian food is delicious and eating less meat would be better for the planet and all our cardiovascular systems.

But they also make it so, so easy. Every large group has a few wild people popping off in their ranks, but Bad Vegans are particularly notable. Maybe it’s because they literally want to control what people eat? And that’s insane?

This bad vegan story actually has a very surprising twist. It was originally posted by a girl calling herself Anna Del Rey on Facebook a year ago, but the story has gotten popular again after being re-posted to Reddit on r/gatekeeping by u/bi*chyswiftie.

It’s a FB conversation between Del Rey and some random person asking about a Tofurkey recipe she posted in a FB group. Tofurkey is a meat substitute made from tofu that approximately tastes like turkey breast.

In the conversation, Del Rey admits she does eat meat, she just likes Tofurkey. I actually really like tofu and hate Tofurkey. It takes all types.

Anyway, the person she’s talking with flips out and accuses her of “appropriating” vegan culture and says she’ll get her permanently banned form their shared FB group. It’s a wild ride.

Cultural appropriation is a touchy subject, but if we’re going to attach it to tofu, then it should be pointed out that many Asian dishes use both tofu and meat in their recipes, since it’s not considered a meat replacement traditionally.

Also, more people eating tofu would mean it would be more widely available, not less, because there would be higher production? Not much about this makes sense, TBH, but some people are so boring they have to get upset about soybean curd.

Del Rey posted a few updates after her story went viral:

I guess I have to put this up here cause new comments of the same sh*t keeps coming in
1. Yes I know all vegans aren’t like this. She’s not even a true vegan honestly. I posted this originally for my friends (including my vegan friends) to laugh at and make fun. Not to “orchestrate a hidden agenda against vegans”
2. No it’s not fake. No I won’t be releasing her info or the group info. They don’t need harassment and death threats.
3. Yes I got banned. Then I got unbanned after this post got popular
4. If you’re offended by this just move on? It’s not supposed to offend anyone. It’s just hilarious. Stop reading too deep into things it’s just a joke lmao

Overall, I’d say Del Rey handled this pretty responsibly. I just wish she’d shared this Tofurkey recipe. Maybe I could finally get into it.